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Enjoy National Ice Cream Month in Dallas - Churchill on the Park Blog

Enjoy National Ice Cream Month in Dallas

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Since we are now in the middle of summer, you should use the heat as an excuse to indulge in a cold, delicious dessert. The coolest thing about July that perhaps you didn’t know about is that it is actually National Ice Cream Month! Yes, this month is all about trying new kinds of ice cream and getting out of that sweltering heat near your Dallas apartments.

Check out some of these facts about ice cream that are relevant for this month:

1.       Since we are innately creative, we have found a way to come up with different kinds of ice creams. Sure, you may think of the traditional scoop on a cone, but there are more kinds of ice cream than that. There is frozen yogurt, sorbets, sherberts, and more. Use this month as an opportunity to explore what is out there. Fun fact:  Did you know that the most popular flavor is vanilla, then chocolate? Interesting, right?

2.       If you’re still practicing caution, you can just make ice cream inside the comforts of your Dallas apartments. You can either get the ingredients from a local market, or you can get them delivered to you using an app or shopping online. This may be a fun project to do, especially if you have roommates or little kids that you’re trying to entertain. Here’s a great website that will give you instructions.  

3.       Fortunately, Dallas has some places open that have ice cream. We recommend checking out Cauldron Ice Cream because it has good reviews and we know it’s ice cream is refreshing. It’s a good excuse to get out of the house and stretch your legs, too!

So how will you make the most out of National Ice Cream Month? There are many ways you can have fun with it, aside from the tips recommended above. Just google National Ice Cream Month and see what kinds of things you can do to make the most out of this occasion. We hope this brings you much-needed refreshment after all the seriousness that has been going on this year!

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