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Prepping For Fall 2021 Apartment Decor

Prepping For Fall 2021 Apartment Decor at Churchill on the Park

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The year is wrapping up, the trees are shedding old leaves, and soon the bells will be jingling, signaling the official start of the holiday season. It could not be a better time to redecorate the interior of your Churchill on the Park apartment and create a cozy, fall-ready ambiance. Below, we share some of our favorite Fall 2021 trends.

Our Favorite Fall '21 Trends

We can't all be Martha Stuart and create DIY works of art, wreaths, and garlands with leaves we pick up at the park. Reviving your interior décor for a particular season may be a lot of work, but it is worth the feeling of home that is brought on by a bright wreath by the door, the comfort of throw, and the scent of candles — all trending decor for this fall.

How To Adapt These Trends for Your Apartment

First things first: Remove all the clutter of the past seasons and get your apartment clean. Change your curtains, pillows, and linens into the lively happy colors of fall — orange burgundy, and brown florals are the classic shades of autumn.

A welcoming wreath hanging on your door ushers in the warm sentiments of the season and is the signature detail of class. Not too far from your apartment, you will find Estrella's Flower Shop. They specialize in unique flowers and arrangements and will custom-make a unique wreath to place on your entrance.

A throw elegantly placed on the edge of a couch creates an aesthetic of trend without trying too hard, and that is the look we should thrive for. If you need a new throw, see Zara Home for a wide selection.

Final Touches To Prep for Fall 2021

The nose sees before the eyes do, so scent is a vital final touch to your fall décor. Place pumpkin scented candles around your apartment and inhale the promise the new season brings. Apartment living does not mean you can't have a little fun creating your ideal home in your Churchill on the Park apartment.

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