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Spring Cleaning Tips and Tricks for Your Dallas Apartments

Spring Cleaning Tips and Tricks for Your Dallas Apartments

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Spring Cleaning Tips and Tricks for Your Dallas Apartments

With the arrival of spring, this means warmer days (yay!) and spring cleaning! Before you begin to worry, what if we told you that spring cleaning doesn’t have to be this ominous and dreadful chore? On the contrary, if you do it right, spring cleaning can be as breezy as the spring weather! We have some great suggestions that will leave your Dallas apartment looking spotless! Best of all, we will be doing it the earth-friendly way!

It’s That Time Again

We know that spring cleaning your house from top to bottom can be overwhelming. It can also be time-consuming! In order to do it properly, take it room by room, or, appliance by appliance. To help you get started, we will tackle cleaning your bathtub with all-natural products!

Green Tips and Tricks

If you are one to think, there’s nothing quite like the smell of fresh grapefruit, then you will love this next suggestion. Grapefruit gives off a fresh and sweet aroma, perfect for the bathroom! For an earth-friendly approach, we are going to ditch the toxic chemicals and say hello to a grapefruit and salt combination.

For this technique, you only need 2 ingredients: 1 grapefruit and ¼ cup of course kosher salt. Simply half the grapefruit and sprinkle the salt liberally on one of the halves. Then, wet your bathtub and sprinkle the remaining salt around the bathtub’s rusty and stubborn areas. Next, scrub the bathtub with one of the grapefruit halves, making sure to lightly squeeze a bit of juice on the fixtures as you scrub. After it is all said and done, simply rinse the tub with water to wash away the pulp and other debris, and you are set!

With this all-natural approach, your bathroom will not only look refreshed, but it will smell great as well. For this year’s spring cleaning, there is no need for heavily scented candles!

Make Spring Cleaning Fun!

If you are looking for a great way to clean your bathtub, without the use of toxic chemicals, then this approach is perfect for you. Your bathroom will not only look great, but it will smell refreshed!

What are some of your all-time favorite natural mixtures for cleaning? Share with us in the comments! Happy spring cleaning!

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