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Hot Tips on Working Remotely From Your Apartment

Hot Tips on Working Remotely From Your Apartment

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Has your workplace made the switch to remote work? Experiencing a change in your regular routine can be difficult without the right plan. Here are some helpful daily practices on how to make the transition to working remotely breezy while living at Churchhill on the Park!


Spruce up that Home Office


Missing the structure of your office cubicle? A curated home office space can help you feel more organized! Try and set up your desk away from your bedroom to avoid disrupting your sleep schedule. Another way to make sure your new office is primed for productivity is by having your workstation by a sun-facing window! Need more suggestions? This list should help you out!


Work From Home with a Set Schedule


It’s important not to lose track of your daily routine when you’re working remotely. Keeping a set schedule while working from home will keep you on top of your regular tasks and can help you feel more balanced. Waking up at the same time every day and getting dressed for work whether or not you leave the house are some examples of how to stay motivated!


Take Regular Breaks from your Remote Work


With more free time in the day, you may feel the temptation to fill your schedule. Try not to overdo it! Taking breaks when needed will make your remote work much more enjoyable in the long run. To refuel your body and refresh from the grind, always take a lunch hour. Pausing for some strengthening yoga poses can provide a boost of energy. And to prevent eye strain from your computer screen, make sure you’re sticking to the 20-20-20 rule!


After creating your daily home office schedule, you may find yourself enjoying the work from home experience more than you would have thought! How are you planning on structuring your remote work routine? Let us know in the comments!

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